Ugigami-in Shrine(宇治上神社)
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Ugigami-in Shrine(宇治上神社)

1. Location-Access

This shrine is located at eastside of Uji-river and sub montane of Mt. Ashahi in Uji area.
It takes 30 minutes by JR railway Nara line from Kyoto sta. to Uji sta., and 20 minutes walking or by Keihan-Uji line from shichijo sta. to keihan-uji sta., and 10 minutes walking.
JR奈良線で京都駅から宇治駅、徒歩約20分  又は、京阪宇治線で七条駅から京阪宇治駅、徒歩10分程度。)

2. Who was built this temple?

1) The origin is not clear, for example we do not know when is the foundation.
Sacred god. Left Hall: Ujinorakira-no-mikoto, Center Hall: Emperor Oujin(father) , Right Hall: Emperor Jintoku(half-brother)
祭神、左殿:兎道稚廊子命 、中殿:応神天皇(父)、右殿:仁徳天皇(異母兄) )

2) Ujinorakira-no-mikoto was an imperial prince of Emperor Ounjin and loved by the Emperor (his father). He became a crown prince, but he and his brother were transferred the imperial throne to each other.
The prince committed suicide and his brother got the imperial throne as the Emperor Nintoku.

3) Before the Meiji restoration, Uji shrine and Ujigami shrine in total were called “Ujirikyu-Myojin” and “Hachiman-sya”. Uji Shrine consists of “The lower sub-shrine of Shimoyashiro Wakamiya”, in other hand, Ujigami Shrine consists of “The upper shrine of Kamiyamashiro”.

4) In 2004 February, Nara-bunka research laboratory and Uji city and etc. researched it.
As a result of measuring age of annual rings, Honden Hall was proved to be the oldest shrine construction, Byodo-in, which was founded on 1052.
We could understand the shrine had a strong relationship with Byodo-in temple.

3. What is this temple famous for ?

1) This temple was recognized as a World Heritage sites in 1994.
2) The oldest surving nagare-zukuri style building is honden (main hall) of Ujigami shrine, which was built in the late of Heian period..
3) Tonden and Naiden in line is built in Nagare-zukuri(following) style of architecture with prayer porticos in front, about 9.1m across and 5.5m long from back to back.
Nagare-zukuri shows an ancient style designated as national treasure.
4) The Naiden is bigger than he left and right building and smaller than center building.
5) Ujigami shrine is located not far from the temple on ther side of a river.
It is possible the Yorimichi built the shrine, too..