Koudai-ji Temple(高台寺)

Koudai-ji Temple, Higashiyama Area, Kyoto(高台寺)

1. Location-Access

This temple is located on a hill at Higashiyama Area and you can will be able to enjoy in kyoto. Stone pavement is very Kyoto-like. Rickshaws are running around, too.
It takes 19 minutes by city bus #26 from Kyoto to Higashiyama-yasui, 5 minutes walking.

2. Who was this temple built?

1) This temple was founded Kita no Mandokoro, the widow of Toyotomi Hideyoshi to pray for her late husband in 1606.

2) In 1624, Priest Sanko converted from the Souto Sect.to the Rinzai Sect.

3) After 1789, many buildings burned down due to a series of fires.

4) However, several building still remain, such as Omote-mon(front gate), Kaisan-do(opening mountain hut), Otama-ya(sprit room), Shigure-tei(shower gazebo), Kangetsu-dai(moon view platform), and Kasa-tei(unbrlla gazebo) where you can see traces of magnificient Momoyama period.

3. What is this temple famous for ?

1) Nene’s stagnant building  ねねの偲んだ建物

① Nene, the wife of Toyotomi, built this temple to remember her husband by.
The building is full of their memories and lots of thing from them.

② The ceiling of a building is said to have been built with wood taken from the carriage and ship used Hideyoshi & Nene.
③ The building dedicated to both have beautiful lacquer decorations with their paulownia crest, as well as flowers and other plants in fall.

2) Spring Cherry blossom & Autumn leaves  春の桜と萩、秋の紅葉

① In spring, cherry blossoms bloom which represents showy Momoyama period.
Also cerasus spachiana in Hogyo, front garden, will fascinate your eyes.

② In autumn、you may see tremendous scenery of reflection for one thousands of red maple trees. Paticular around Garyu-chi, you can see a great scene where colored trees shine on the surface of the pond.
(秋の境内は、1000本の赤い紅葉のすばらしい風景を見れる。特に、臥龍池では、周囲 に色づいた木々が水面に映える風景に見惚れる。)

4. What is highlight ?

1) Kaizan-do (important cultural property) 開山堂

Kaizan-do is one of the famous building that Koudai-ji temple represents.
Nene’s car and Hideyoshi’s boat are used on the ceiling.

2) Otama-ya (important cultural property) 霊屋

The Otama-ya is the highlight in this temple which are shrined Hideyoshi and Nene.
“Kodaiji’s Makie” is a brilliant furniture such as lion, Buddhist dais for image, pillar.

3) Kasa-tei (important cultural property) 傘亭

The ceiling is made of logs and bamboo, representing an umbrella.
Kasa-tei is tea ceremony room of the one-story house and is said to have been relocated from Fushimi castle.

4) Sigure-ti (important cultural property) 時雨亭

Sigure-tei is the tea ceremony of the second-storied house and said to have been relocated from Fushimi castle.
The one-story is a washing place, the second-storied is the room to welcome guests.

5) Kangetsu-dai  観月台

There is Kangetsu-dai to look up the moon in Enzuki-ike.
It is said to have been relocated from Fishimi castle. It has birch roof..

6) Hashin-tei   波心庭

All garden is called Gojyo-zentei and we can recommendate this garden in visiting Kodai-ji. There are two ponds which have Garyuchi connecting Kaizando and Tamaya and Engetsu-ike for view moon.

7) Kuri (Kitchen)  庫裏(台所)

Kuri is located at the entrance to visits route. It is a kitchen in general connecting Hogyo. The interior is not open to the public.

8) Hogyo  方丈

Hogyo is priest’s living room, but it is the center after the Buddha was burnt down.
Principality is Syaka Nyorai sitting statue.