Sanjusangenndo Temple(三十三間堂)
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Sanjusangenndo Temple(三十三間堂)

1. Location-Access

It is located at the center of south-east of Kyoto,facing along the sanjusangendo street.
It takes ten minutes from Kyoto station to sanjusangendo-mae by city bus 100,206 and 208.

2. Who was built this temple?

1) Sanjusangendo temple was officially called “Renge-on-in Temple” and belongs to Tendai Sect of Buddhism.

2) This temple was built in 1164 by Emperor Go-shirakawa with Kiyomori Taira’s strong support in Heian Period(794-1185).

3) This main hall was rebuilt in 1266 because of fire in Kamakura Period(1185-1333) by Emperor Go-saga.

3. What is this temple famous for ?

1) This hall consists of 33 spaces or bays between pillars with length 120m@width 20m.
It houses 1,000-handred Kannon Bosatsu Buddhas sitting in the center, height 3.3m(11 ft.)

2) It is said than Kannon Bosatsu Buddha incarnates in 33 different forms to save mankind.

3) Each side of this Buddha, 1,000-handred Kannon Bosatsu stand group of 500 in symmertry.  They are life-size about 1.6m (5.5 ft.) height.

4) 28 old wooden statues of attendant to Kannon Buddhas are in front row. All these statue were made by hands of Tankei and his followers, famous sculptors in the Kamakura Period(1185-1333).
They protect those who believe in 1000-hanmdred Kannon subordination of Kannon.

5) The statue of “Fujin & Raijin” are located to the right & left side of this hall.
(Fujin:1.1m height, Raijin:1.0 height)
It is said that the humorous statue with tare and drm a madel of Sotatsu Tawaraya.

6) The whole temple hall is designated as a National Treasure.
In January, every year the archery contest called “Toshiya” is held on the plaza along the veranda of this temple hall.
1月には、毎年「通し矢」と呼ばれる弓道のコンテストは、このホールの通路に沿った広場で行われる。 )